Here are just some of the services we can provide: 

        Bathing                                                      Grooming
        Ear cleaning                                            Dematting
        Nail Clipping                                            Comb outs
      All of our full grooms include the following:

  •  A Basic evaluation of the condition of the dogs coat.                                                
  • The groomer will then check for ticks. Any found will be carefully removed.
  • A thorough  grooming of the dogs coat, removal of any matting or loose coat.
  • A double shampoo dog bath to make sure the coat is primed ready the cutting process.
  • Ears are carefully cleaned and towel dried immediately.
  • Hand drying using our professional turbo drier. This gives the "Just stepped out of the salon " finish we all want ! 
  • We then trim or clip the specific style required for the breed or of your preference.
  • All dogs receive canine cologne spray !
                                        A1 K9 Dog grooming 
                                           Chantry meadow
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      Please call us for to discuss your dogs requirements.